We have long advocated managing your energy will yield greater productivity and well-being, rather than trying to manage time. There will never be enough time because as soon as we create a gap, we fill it. Time is a constant that manages itself, there will always be 60 seconds in one minute and 60 minutes in one hour and 24 hours in one day.

So why do we complain that we don’t have enough time when we have all the time there is, that is a nonsense. Would it not be more sensible to manage ourselves in relation to how we utilise time? That requires a fundamental shift in thinking from time being the problem, to us being the problem. But this brief article isn’t about time, it’s about energy. I know when my energy levels are depleted I don’t utilise my time very well at all. As human beings we draw our energy from four basic sources all of which are inter-connected and inter-related. Physical energy is our primary source upon which the others depend. Emotional energy is the quality of our energy. Mental energy determines where we direct our attention. Spiritual energy comes from purpose, the greater the meaning of what we are doing, the more we will be energised by it.

Energy is the fuel for performance, be it for everyday activities, on the sports field, at the gym, at work or meditation, the common denominator is energy. Of course you cannot isolate one factor in relation to performance and say it’s the only factor that counts, but if you are talking critical factors, then depleted energy in any one of the above sources equates with poor performance. But in a world where demand often outweighs capacity, our initial focus is on ensuring our clients are healthy in mind and body to be able to cope with the demands of working in today’s organisations.


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